New Winchester Ammo
Blows The Doors Off
Following two years of very successful new rifle cartridge introductions with the WSM Winchester Short Magnum line, Winchester Ammunition has done it again. In cooperation with Browning and US Repeating Arms Company, Winchester Ammunition is introducing two new magnum cartridges; the 223 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum and the 243 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum. The two new cartridges give true magnum performance to both the 223 and the 243 calibers in a super-short package.

These new cartridges are based on the same short-fat cartridge geometry of the Winchester Short Magnum line, only shorter. In fact, the rifles that have been designed to shoot the WSSM cartridges are a completely new design, with the action one-half inch shorter than existing WSM rifle offerings.

Like other short, fat case designs, the new Winchester Super Short Magnum has a very efficient and consistent powder burn. Engineers at Winchester designed the case without a belt to improve accuracy by headspacing off the shoulder. When combined with the stiff, strong super-short magnum action rifles, this new ammunition will give shooters and hunters exceptional accuracy and long-range performance.

Over the last several years, long-range varmint shooting has become more and more popular. Loads in both the 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM have been specifically designed for this type of application. In addition, both of the new calibers have offerings that are designed with light, thin-skinned game in mind, making them good combination cartridges.

Above, the new 243 WSSM (left) compared to the 243 Winchester. To the right, the new 223 WSSM (center) compared to the 223 (left) and 22-250.
The 223 WSSM is initially available in three bullet types: the 55-grain Ballistic Silvertip in the Supreme Line and the 55-grain Pointed Soft Point, and 64-grain Power-Point in the Super-X Line. This highly accurate, fast, flat-shooting round is sure to be popular with a wide variety of shooters and hunters. Targeted velocities for the 223 WSSM will be roughly 200 feet per second faster than comparable 22-250 Remington offerings.

The 243 WSSM is also initially available in three bullet designs; the 55-grain Ballistic Silvertip and 95-grain Ballistic Silvertip in the Supreme Line, and the 100-grain Power-Point in the Super-X Line.

In addition to the loaded rounds in the new Winchester Super Short Magnums, Winchester is also going to offer unprimed brass cases in both the 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM. These cases will come packed 50 to each bag and will be available wherever Winchester components are sold.

Not only are the calibers new, but the rifles that shoot them are a totally new, shorter design — super short, if you will. With a cartridge length of just 2.26 inches, both the new Browning Super Short Magnum A-bolt and the Winchester Super Short Magnum Model 70 will be great for prairie dogs to whopper mule deer.

The Browning A-bolt will be available in Hunter, Medallion, Composite, Stainless and Varmint models. The Winchester Model 70 is available in all new Black Shadow, Coyote and Featherweight configurations.

US Repeating Arms Company new Winchester Model 70s.
The Browning A-bolt rifles in the new Winchester Super Short Magnums.
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