Pheasant Hunts Still Available
The Wyoming computer drawings for the Springer and Glendo special pheasant hunts were held September 25 and some openings are still available for each hunt.

Openings are available October 27 (45) and November 2 (71) to the first youth hunters to report those days to the Springer Check Station south of Yoder.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission defines “youth” as a pheasant hunter who did not turn 18 by October 1, 2002. Adults are encouraged to accompany all youth hunters and are required to be with kids under 14.

Openings for hunters of all ages are available October 30-31 (18 and 34), November 5-7 (42, 47, 9). Sunday, November 3, with 42 percent success, was the toughest day to draw for residents.

On the other days of the Springer hunt, “stand-by” hunters of all ages are permitted on the area as other hunters check out. No more than 110 hunters are allowed on the area at a time.

The following permits are available at the Glendo Special Pheasant Hunt for all ages of hunters: November 25 (6), December 2 (38) and December 9 (57).

Since there is no check station for the Glendo hunt, the permits are available as processed through the G&F’s Cheyenne office. Hunters who did not draw another day of the Glendo hunt, should mail or deliver another application at least 10 days prior to the hunting date. Applications are available at license agents or G&F offices.

Hunters are reminded the $10 pheasant special management permit is required for the hunts, and a state park permit is required for Glendo locations other than the County Line area.

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