20% Fee Increase
Possible for Wyoming
At their meeting in Jackson, the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission recommended an inflation adjustment that would increase resident and nonresident license fees, except youth and most daily licenses, approximately 20 percent. The bill would also increase the resident big game application fee from $3 to $5.

Other license proposals in the bill:

  • Increasing the extra fee for the nonresident special elk license from $200 to $400 and special deer and antelope from $100 to $200.
  • Allotting 40 percent of the nonresident antelope and deer quota to the special license drawing. Currently 20 percent of the deer quota and 30 percent of the antelope quota is dedicated to the special drawing.
  • Increasing the price of lifetime conservation stamps from $75 to $150.

A bill was also proposed to give the commission the authority to annually adjust license fees to offset the impacts of inflation. Another bill endorsed would give the commission the authority to implement a preference point system for nonresident elk, deer and antelope hunters.

To help the more than 400 hunting and fishing license agents across Wyoming and the G&F budget, the seven-member board is promoting legislation to double and expand the fees agents receive for selling licenses and stamps. The proposal would increase the fees on licenses from $.50 to $1 and on stamps from $.25 to $.50. Permits, which currently pay agents no fee, would also have a $.50 sales fee. The fees would be added to the cost of a license/stamp/permit that the hunter or anglers pays and would be mandatory for the agent to collect.

"The license proposals and other legislation is needed because the Game and Fish is faced with a budget crisis due to inflation, expanded responsibilities and drought which has reduced deer and antelope licenses," said G&F acting director Tom Thorne.

These proposals will be presented to the Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee at their November 14 meeting in Cheyenne.

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