Late Dove Season is No Sweat
Although the early dove season the first two weeks of September draws out hunters by the droves into the sweltering heat of late summer, the late dove season by comparison is no sweat — literally.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department wants to remind hunters that the late dove season opened Friday, November 22.

"This is a great time of year to get out. The weather is just about perfect — slightly chilly in the mornings followed by shirtsleeve afternoons. You don't even have to get up early if you don't want to — I like hunting the late afternoon dove flights," said Public Information Officer Rory Aikens.

Dove distribution will likely be spotty in the desert areas. Expect doves to be concentrated in the agricultural areas or around water sources. For instance, one individual on a crane hunt noted lots of doves concentrated in the corn and grain fields around Wilcox recently.

Hunters should scout for harvested grain fields and flight paths to and from water holes and roosting areas. Be sure to get landowner permission if you plan to hunt places such as dairies or feed lots.

Remember that all dove hunters must have a $3 Arizona Migratory Bird Stamp to hunt dove (stamps are available for $3 at your local license dealer and all Game and Fish offices).

"The late season dove hunt has become more popular each year, in part because many hunters recognize the opportunities to have mixed-bag hunts for doves, quail, waterfowl and rabbits. Small game hunting also provides an excellent opportunity for youth to get afield and learn," said Information Branch Chief Joe Janisch, an avid multi-species hunter.

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