Why You Should Buy A Handgun By December 20, 2002

After December 20, 2002, a fine handgun like this SIGARMS P220 ST will be even harder to purchase because of new restrictive gun laws in California. Run, don't walk to your local firearms store to buy this handgun before you have to jump through even more hoops to get one.
California's restrictive gun laws become even more restrictive on January 1, 2003. Because of Governor Davis and many other politicians in Sacramento, beginning next year you will need to take a new five-year renewable handgun safety exam in order to purchase a handgun. If you don't pass the exam you won't be able to purchase the handgun. This exam (they call it a safety exam, but we know it is really a registration) is only good for five years. What is not clear is what will happen after five years when you have to take the exam again… If you don't pass it, will they/can they take your gun away?

This new law will increase the costs not only to buy a handgun but will also add an extra fee to every rifle and shotgun purchased to help pay for this new registration program.

Because of the 10-day waiting period, you only have until December 20, 2002 to get down to your local sporting goods dealer and purchase your handgun in order to avoid this new registration program. Remember, you can only purchase one handgun every 30 days in California, so if you want to purchase more than one for your family, you better have your wife/husband, etc. go along and purchase one too.

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