Reader Doesn't Want Wolves
What follows is an e-mail we received from Wally McDermed, a reader, after we reported that the state of Oregon was holding meetings regarding the gray wolf in Oregon. McDermed is a very concerned sportsman and we thought you would be interested in his opinion on this subject.

Dear Editor

I wanted to voice my concern regarding the introduction of gray wolves to the state of Oregon. The ODFW (Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife) is currently holding local meetings and taking comments on the introduction of the gray wolf to Oregon. I have an interest, being an avid outdoorsman and sportsman in Oregon.

I oppose, as do many others, the introduction of gray wolves to an already fragile ecosystem. I am e-mailing you in hopes of gaining support for keeping gray wolves out of the state. I have seen the havoc caused in Idaho on cattlemen and their plight to be pushed off of public grazing lands, because of the federal introduction of wolves taking priority over human interests. I have attached a copy of my comments to the ODFW, and would hope that you would consider supporting efforts to keep gray wolves out of Oregon. Please consider the comments that I have attached.

Thank you for your time,
Wally McDermed
Estacada, Oregon

This Link will show how and what to do, and more info on the introduction to Wolves to Oregon.
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Attached is a copy of a letter that I mailed to ODFW...


It seems in a ecosystem that is taxed already by the excessive demands from predation due to the surge in population of mountain lion and bear, because human management is stifled due to the inability to effectively manage these populations with hunting, that the introduction of another species that will not be able to be managed will increase the strain on an already strained population of deer and elk, not to mention the livestock.

The facts show that the introduction of wolves in the Idaho project was a very successful project, and the wolves are thriving and flourishing way beyond expectations. In fact, almost too successfully, to the point that numbers are in some areas beyond sustainable prey populations. Now if Idaho is an example of the adaptability of the wolves, Oregon would have a far greater success due to the milder climate in some areas. When hunters have limited hunting opportunities for deer and elk, and restrictions on hunting seasons keep getting shorter, fewer number of tags given out, then add another predator to the ecosystem, who is going to take the fall for fewer numbers of game animals for sportsman?.....

Sportsman, we have to face reality and realize that the reintroduction of wolves will not make a right in the cosmos because of early American injustice to the wolves. The times have changed, urban growth and man's encroachment into wilderness areas have taken an irreversible toll on the land and wildlife forever. The wolves will not change the ecosystem for the better, they will only add to the imbalance that man has screwed up beyond repair.

Let's work with what we have, and find a way to balance or manage the current predators that we have so that starvation is not an option for any of these magnificent creatures — not add another tax to a failing system.

Please, reconsider any notion of introducing Wolves in Oregon.

Thank you,
Wally McDermed
Estacada, Oregon

Please Voice your opinions on the introduction of gray wolves to Oregon. Take a few minutes and tell the ODFW what you think of gray wolves in Oregon and the impact that this species will have on a fragile ecosystem, because of the limitations we have on managing the current predators, bear and cougars. Just look at the situation we have with mountain lions in Oregon now. I can't think of a single hunter/sportsman who in recent years does not have some sort of sighting or story to relate regarding mountain lions. The vast majority of these stories are real, and would not have occurred in a normal balance of nature, with the current ecosystem we have. If you're a hunter, have you seen a mountain lion in the last few years? Have you noticed the decline in deer/elk tags or hunting opportunities? Have you noticed the spooky deer or elk in the forests all year long? There is a reason... Do we need to add another predator? A top-of-the-food-chain predator that has no public way to manage the population? Please consider the impact. Please look at what Idaho's farmers and ranchers are suffering from right now, today. If the government is indeed nudging the cattle ranchers off public lands with the introduction of wolves, is this what we want for Oregon? I myself have complained about cattle in wilderness areas, but I would much rather run on to an old cow grazing, than a wolf grazing on an old cow. ********************************************************************************
Here are the names and e-mail addresses of the Joint Interim Committee
on Natural Resources.......
Sen. Roger
Sen. Joan
Sen. Ken
Sen. Frank
Rep. Bob
Rep. Jeff
Rep. Wayne
Rep. Al
Rep. Steve
Rep. Laurie
Rep. Carolyn

Please, take a few minutes and write your U.S. and state senators, and state representative with the information provided regarding the introduction of wolves into Oregon. The environmental activists are pushing very hard to have wolves reintroduced. Many of these senators and representatives are only hearing one side of the story, and may be swayed. Although a signed letter is always best,e-mail will work.

Be sure to contact the State and House Chair of the Natural Resource Committee, Sen. Ted Ferrioli and Rep. Betsy Close.

Wally McDermed
Estacada, Oregon

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