Oregon Wolf Management
The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission said Friday, January 10, that no formal action will be taken next month on the future management of wolves because of the abundant questions raised during 15 town hall meetings held since November. However, a staff report will be presented February 7 that summarizes the oral and written public comments received and provides a thorough legal review of current laws related to wolf management.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission is the rule-making body for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The seven-member panel meets monthly to adopt administrative rules, and fish and wildlife policies for implementation by ODFW.

"We're not in a position to say 'go this direction'," said Commissioner Marla Rae of Salem. "We still need more information. We have more work to do."

The Commission's statements came during a question and answer period following the informational Director's Report. Northeast Regional Manager Craig Ely reported that nearly 2,000 people attended 15 town hall meetings in November, December and January. During those meetings, attendees provided more than 1,600 statements and asked 400 questions. Ely's preliminary review has found most of the statements and questions fall into 12 to 15 broad themes. In addition, more than 1,400 written statements have been received. More information can be found on the ODFW Web site at:

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