Turkey Hunt Drawings
Don't miss out on your chance to draw one of the limited permits to hunt California's Spenceville Wildlife Area, Daugherty Hill Wildlife Area or Oroville Wildlife Area for spring turkeys.

• For Spenceville and Daugherty Hill, the general season will extend from March 29 through May 4. Hunting by permit will occur Saturdays and Sundays on March 29, 30 and April 5, 6 and on Wednesday, April 2. Only legal hunters with a Spenceville or Daugherty Hill Special No-fee Permit may be on the areas during the March 29 to April 6 permit period. All other public use will be restricted during this time. Turkey hunting without a permit will be allowed daily from April 7 through May 4.

• For Oroville Wildlife Area the hunt dates are March 29-30, April 12-13, and April 26-27.

• For Spenceville and Daugherty Hill, permits will be issued for each of the five shoot days during the March 29 through April 6 permit period.

• Hunters wishing to participate in the drawing for a permit must submit a standard (4x6) U.S. Postal Service postcard to the Department of Fish and Game with their full name, address, telephone number, and hunting license number. They must also list the hunt area (Spenceville, Daugherty Hill or Oroville), then in order of preference, the dates they wish to hunt. Applications without current valid hunting license numbers will be rejected. Up to two hunters may apply per postcard as a party if both hunters' names and hunting license numbers are included.

• Each individual may apply only once for each area hunt (list desired hunt dates by preference). Multiple applications for a single wildlife area will disqualify the applicant. Once a name is drawn, it will be removed from the drawing.

• Applications for the drawing must be received at the DFG, Region 2 office, 1701 Nimbus Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12, 2003.

• A computer drawing for permits will be held the Thursday following the application deadline.

• Only successful applicants will be notified. Each successful applicant should receive a permit, map and instructions by March 19, 2003. A list of those applicants drawn will be available at the Region 2 office.

• Hunters without permits will not be allowed on the area. Permits cannot be transferred and absent hunters will not be replaced.

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