Antis Fire Both Barrels at California Hunters

While the state of California's budget flounders in massive amounts of red ink, some state legislators would rather spend their time taking away your freedoms than taking care of this major problem.

Recently, two anti-hunting bills have been introduced. AB 342, the first one, will outlaw the use of dogs to hunt mammals, while AB 1190, the second one, seeks to outlaw the hunting of doves.

On February 11, 2003, Assemblyman Paul Koretz (D) introduced Assembly Bill (AB) 342. This bill will restrict you from hunting mammals with dogs. This isn't a bill just affecting bear hunters, it includes using dogs to hunt bear, fox, raccoon, rabbit, or any mammal. In addition, it will make it a crime to even train dogs to pursue mammals.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1190 was also introduced in February by Assemblyman Nation. The bill would prohibit any open season for the western mourning doves and white-winged doves. The bill would make it unlawful for any person to take a western mourning dove or a white-winged dove.

Now I realize that some of our readers may prefer other hunting methods than using dogs and others may not hunt doves, and that is each individual's choice. But once again the anti-hunting crowd is using the tactic of divide and conquer. If they can pass these bills, will bowhunters be next? What about making it a crime to use your dog to hunt pheasants or ducks? … or will those be next to be illegal to hunt?

It is important that hunters stand together to fight these anti-hunting bills. You may think it doesn't affect you — but you're wrong, it affects every hunter, not just bear or dove hunters.

It's time for you to take some action — don't depend on the other guy or an organization to do all the work on these important issues. You need to take action yourself! Contact your assembly person by phone, or letter or e-mail. Tell them you are against these bills and you want them to vote aganist it.

Don't know your assembly person? Click here Find My Assembly Person.

If you would like to read the entire bills, just click the following links AB 342 - Hunting with Dogs or AB 1190 - Dove Hunting.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Jerry Springer

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