Hunters Counterattack Antis,
One Down, One to Go

Recently elected Assemblyman Joe Nation got some bad advice when his staff let him introduce Assembly Bill 1190, which would prohibit any open season on doves. Quotes that he probably only had two hunters in his district were about as accurate as the war news from the Iraqi Information Minister. Hunters in large numbers were up in arms and let their elected officials know about it via e-mail, letter, telephone and in person.

The good news is that as of April 2, 2003, Assemblyman Nation has withdrawn AB 1190 from the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. The bill will not be heard on April 8th as previously scheduled. The pressure has caused him to pull back the bill.

That's one down, but hunters still have a threat to hunting with AB 342. It has been changed to only outlaw the hunting of bears and bobcats with dogs. AB 342 will be heard in a special order hearing at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, April 8th, in Room 4202 of the Capitol Building in Sacramento. Since there is such a large group expected to attend, the committee has decided to dedicate a time specifically for AB 342.

Even if you intend to attend the hearing, hunters still need to let the Committee know that they are opposed to AB 342. The address for letters, e-mails and telephone calls follows:

Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, State Capitol, Rm 2144, Sacramento, CA 95814; telephone (916) 319-2096.

Assembly Member Joseph Canciamilla, Committee Chair, State Capitol, Rm 6011, Sacramento, CA. 95814; telephone (916) 319-2011, FAX (916) 319-2111 assemblymember.canciamilla@assembly.ca.gov

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Jerry Springer

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