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Thoughts About ROBO Duck

I truly wish the people who are making the decisions on the use of these products were actually in the field hunting. I have hunted for over 40 years both with and without the use of these decoys. It may seem that these devices give a hunter an advantage, however, anyone who hunts for waterfowl also knows they don't. There are days when you can have 10 of these devices in your spread, with wind and rain, to no avail.

With the restrictions on the number of days a hunter is allowed to hunt, the number of ducks a hunter is allowed to harvest, anyone who thinks a ROBO duck will cause a decrease in the number of ducks is fooling no one but himself. Maybe we should stop all decoys and sit in an empty field. If people of power want to stop all new inventions, why don't they close down the hunting season? Answer: Money.

Let's be real, friends.

Thank you

Ken Pierce

ISE Show Ticket Winner

I want to thank you for the tickets for the Salt Lake City show.

Western Hunter has been a great source of information for not only myself but my colleagues as well. You recently published my Utah moose hunt and I thank you for that, also.

Keep the information coming.


David J. Carlin

Thanks very much for the tickets to the San Mateo Sportsman's Show. Thouroughly enjoyed it and just want to say keep up the great work on your website!

Monty Owens


You need to start getting more stories on hunter violations in California. It would be nice to read about something that the game wardens and DFG are doing besides raising our license fees and telling us that the hunting is poor in most areas of California.

Bob Bruno

Gun Rights

I appreciate your support for gun owner's rights, many times the picture is worth a thousand words.

Mike Schrader


I justed wanted to let you know that I continue to be impressed with the information presented in your newsletter. Articles like "Some Forest Areas Benefit Even From Extreme Fire" are interesting and informative. Finding a hunting newsletter which includes this type of article is unique and refreshing.

Additionally, I wanted to commend you on your impartial coverage of controversial topics. You almost always seem to include relevant factual information without injecting your personal views. Again, somewhat unique amongst hunting newsletters

Well done!

John Koehler

Hunter Success Info

Thanks for all the hard work gathering and formatting all this information.

I, for one, really appreciate it!

Butch Kughn

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