Perfect Safety Record in Nevada
Nevada hunters had a perfect safety record during 2002, as there were no hunting-related accidents in the state, according to the Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW).

Les Smith, NDOW Outdoor Education Coordinator, said the accident-free year might be attributed to ongoing hunter education efforts and less hunter density in the state.

Smith said the state has had mandatory hunter education for the past 30 years and this has provided hunters with training in firearms safety and responsible hunting practices. He said that a good example of its success has been in the dramatic decrease in the number of citations and accidents that occur due to having loaded firearms in vehicles.

Smith said that hunter education classes place great emphasis on teaching hunters to make sure they have safe shots before firing. This has reduced the number of accidents involving hunters who shoot other hunters.

"Less hunting activity during the year may have also contributed to the good safety record," Smith said. He noted that fewer tags to hunt deer have been issued in the past few years. Also, drought conditions in the southern end of the state resulted in low numbers of upland game birds and less hunting activity.

Smith said that hunters should be proud of their safety record and he hopes that 2003 will be another accident-free year.

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