Wyoming Hunting Proposals
Moderate increases in eastern Cowboy State antelope and deer licenses, a reduction in Jackson and Cody area elk licenses, an overall reduction in moose quotas and opening formerly closed areas to pheasant hunting are some of the proposed changes for the next hunting season.

“In most of eastern Wyoming, the goal is to reduce or stabilize the deer and antelope populations until the habitat can recover from the prolonged drought,” said John Emmerich, Game and Fish Department assistant Wildlife Division chief. “Basically, we want the population managed for levels the habitat can support.”

Emmerich adds that Jackson and Cody area elk herds have been reduced to near their population objectives, prompting the proposal to reduce elk licenses. Low calf production, which is contributing to declining moose numbers, has prompted the reduction in moose licenses in many western hunt areas. But additional moose licenses are planned for areas 34, 42 and 43 in the Bighorn Mountains and Area 38 in the Snowy Range Mountains.

The G&F is also proposing several bighorn sheep adjustments, including reducing the quota to four in Area 7 east of Jackson and to 12 in Area 10 southeast of Dubois. Licenses would be increased to 28 in Area 2 west of Cody, and regulations would be liberalized to allow any ram to be harvested in Area 1 northwest of Cody and Area 19 which includes Laramie Peak.

Closed pheasant areas are proposed to be opened in 2003. Currently, pheasants that escape bird farms in closed areas cannot be hunted.

“Opening these closed areas to pheasant hunting will allow hunters to harvest the escapees from bird farms,” Emmerich said.

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