Attacks on Hunters Continue
Elected officials in the capital of California continue to introduce and push bills against sportsmen and hunters. Assembly bills AB 992, AB 50 and Senate bill SB 601 are still alive and going forward. These bills may be pushed toward becoming law during the last week of May. You need to help stop these bills by contacting your elected officials in Sacramento this week.

Don't know your elected officials or their e-mail addresses? The following link will help you find them.

Attack Bills:
AB 992 - Ten cent (10¢) tax per bullet
AB 50 - Outlaw the 50-caliber rifle
AB 601 - Outlaw the 50-caliber handgun

Roger Sharrer, one of our readers, recently sent this letter to his elected officials regarding AB 992:

NO ON AB 992!

I am 57 years old. I was born and raised in Sacramento. I am a retired police officer and a Viet Nam Veteran. I am a yearly hunter (archery) and an occasional hunter (gun). I strongly oppose this bill. It is nothing more than an anti-gun measure. There are plenty of laws controlling the possession and ownership of guns. I know as I’ve arrested violators; many of them illegal immigrant drug dealers. Emergency rooms are not experiencing a problem because of the number of gunshot wounds being treated. They are experiencing a problem because of a health care crisis and a population crisis. These problems are the consequence of you folks not dealing with, among other things, the issue of illegal immigration. Maybe we need to tax border crossings or impose a tax on all non-citizens. Now that’s as ridiculous as an ammo tax!

Now get to work and solve the real problems; budget, health care, and illegal immigration!

NO ON AB 992 !

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