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After reading your article about PETCO, I sent them an e-mail and promptly threw out my card. Thanks for informing me about another assult on hunting rights.

Keep up the good work!

Robert Dahl


I read your article "Petco partners with Antis" and was shocked. I have been buying animal products at the store in San Jose, CA, for years so I have been shooting my own foot, haven't I?

Do you have PETCO Mgmt. information as to where I can write a letter of protest?


Al Figone

Editor's Note:
Below is the contact information for the PETCO Customer Satisfaction Coordinator. Although we believe you might just get the standard company reponse, contacting the president may be more effective.

PETCO Customer Satisfaction Coordinator
PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
phone 800 571-2952
fax (858) 526-2850

Save Antelope — Shoot Coyotes

I was particularly interested in the article “Coyotes Will be Removed to Save Antelope.” I lived in Arizona from 1988 to 1998 and was member of the Arizona Wildlife Federation, which coincidentally counted in its membership, mostly hunters. I was vice-president for two years. The AWF has been very interested in the antelope situation on Anderson Mesa and has followed the controversy closely. The article did not note that it was the AWF that filed a lawsuit against the National Forest Service regarding the plight of antelope on the mesa. The article is a bit misleading, however.

The article correctly points out that fawn recruitment has been especially poor on the mesa. The herd used to support about 1000 antelope and there are currently around 200 left. (I am quoting the figures from memory, but they should be close). It is true that fawn recruitment has been abysmal on the mesa and is the reason for the drop in herd numbers. It is also true that predators are responsible for fawn mortality. But the real problem is the lack of cover for the fawns during the first few days before they become able to outrun coyotes. The cause of this lack of cover is overgrazing on the mesa and the unwillingness of the National Forest Service to intervene. I am not opposed to shooting coyotes but it will not bring the herds back and in the past has not been supported by the public (mostly non-hunters, Bambi lovers). The solution is a politically hot issue, i.e., removing cattle from the range. In Arizona and Nevada where public land grazing is an institution and the Cattleman’s associations have a lot of political clout, oftentimes what needs to be done is not. Like most of these land management issues involving grazing, they drag on forever. That is what prompted the lawsuit by the AWF. It appears that on Anderson Mesa, antelope are headed toward extinction and so far the agencies responsible are choosing to treat only the symptoms.

Again, I very much enjoy reading the email newsletters.

Roy G. Jones MD
San Jose, CA

Defeat of AB 342 — Outlawing Use of Dogs

Thank you Jerry Springer for giving us the ALERT. We (sons) have to be on guard all the time.

Ed Jones


Thank God. Keep up the good work.

Mike Sabo


I am a hunter, and a dog lover, therefore I do not agree with using dogs to hunt bears, bobcat or wild boar. Who has the advantage in hunting if dogs are used, you or the hunted? I think it should be illegal to use dogs for hunting; in the case of bird hunting, then only as retrievers not flushers.

Kevin Young


Glad to hear! I sent enough letters and e-mails!!!



I'd like to say thanks to you Jerry for getting the word out to everyone about this bill AB342. THANK YOU

CHIEF (houndhunter)


Thanks for the update. We ALL have to be part of the solution, we know there are lots of problems out there. Thanks again.



Nice, very nice. Jerry, thank you for spreading the word. We need to use our momentum to keep the troops fired up and defeat the rest of the current anti-hunting propsals.

Kittle's Outdoors


We have not defeated the bill as of yet. An 11 to 4 vote would have done the job. We need to get to those who have abstained from taking a stand in the event this bill comes back to haunt all of us.

Antonio R. Vispetto


This is great news! Who were the four members of the committee that voted to outlaw the use of dogs? It would be great to notify sportsmen in their districts come re-election time.


Editor's Note:
Here are the four assembly members who voted to outlaw the use of dogs:

Here are those that Abstained:

Here are those that supported hunters on this issue:

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