Idaho Trophy Drawing Results
The results of the drawing for moose, mountain goat and bighorn sheep hunts are online on the Idaho Fish and Game website at
Hunters need to enter their hunting license number to see their results.

A total of 277 hunters applied for the 15 permits for California bighorn sheep permits. Fourteen will go to residents, and one to a nonresident. Ninety-nine of the applicants were nonresidents. In the drawing for Rocky Mountain bighorns, 485 residents and 703 nonresidents applied for 57 permits. Fifty-one will go to residents, six to nonresidents.

In the drawing for mountain goat permits, 426 residents and 62 nonresidents applied for the 40 permits, of which four will go to nonresidents.

A total of 307 nonresidents and 4,836 residents applied for 1,235 moose permits. Fifty-seven will go to nonresidents, 1,101 to residents. There were 77 moose permits left over, which will be available for sale June 16 at 10 a.m. Mountain Time, at any license vendor in the state of Idaho with a POSM machine. The rules book says June 15, but since that date falls on a Sunday and many vendors will be closed, the date has changed to June 16.

The "once-in-a-lifetime" rule has changed regarding these leftover permits. If you have already harvested a moose in Idaho, you may still purchase a leftover. However, if you have never killed a moose in Idaho and do so holding one of the leftover permits, that will be your "once-in-a-lifetime" and you will be ineligible to apply in future drawings. You could, however, buy another leftover at some future date.

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