Prairie Dog Shoot
There are just a few openings for guys and/or gals who want to pack up their favorite varmint rifle or pistol and join some well-known outdoor writers at the 2003 Prairie Dog Conference. Chuck Cornett (The Dogfather) has been holding this annual prairie dog shooting event for a number of years.

This year's event will be headquartered in Winner, South Dakota. Past events have been attended by Craig Boddington, Sam Fadala, Phil Johnston, Layne Simpson, Wayne Van Zwoll, and Jon Sundra, just to name a few.

Shooters will arrive in Winner on Thursday, June 19th. Shooting will take place on Friday and Saturday, June 20-21. A Saturday night banquet is held as part of the event. Thousands of dollars worth of shooting equipment will be given away during the dinner. This dinner isn't an auction or fund-raiser, it's just part of the event.

You don't have much time, so if you wish more information on how to sign up for this event, contact Chuck Cornett; P.O. Box 9711, Fresno, CA 93793-9711 or telephone him at (559) 439-9511 or e-mail to

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