Arizona Big Game Draw Stats
The drawing involved almost 250,000 applicants this year.

This is the second year the Game and Fish Department has accepted hunt applications online. Internet applicants this year totaled 168,521, which is 67.4 percent of the total.

"There are so many advantages to applying online that we fully expect the Internet application percentage to increase significantly again next year," says Linda Melker, information systems supervisor.

Here are some drawing statistics:

• 90,986 people applied for deer, with 54,711 of those applying online.

• 27,531 people applied for pronghorn antelope, with 21,834 online.

• 98,548 people applied for elk, with 65,142 online.

• 13,014 people applied for turkey, with 8,860 online.

• 16,049 people applied for bighorn sheep (a total of 97 permits were available), with 14,103 online.

• 4,076 people applied for buffalo (44 permits available), with 3,871 online.

The drawing was completed a week ahead of schedule. The department's deadline to get the information to hunters was July
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