Christmas Gift Idea
There it was! I had just flipped to page 392 and spotted the picture of the Winchester Model 61 pump action .22 rifle, the first firearm I shot when I was just 10 years old. There was something magical about that rifle. Maybe it was that the pump action added more to the experience as a first-time shooter, or it could have just been the feel of that rifle.

The rifle wasn't mine but I used it a lot in the year that the owner of the house we were renting had loaned it to my dad. Now, 40-some years later, it was the first firearm I looked for in the new 26th edition of Gun Trader's Guide.

If you own a firearm or are thinking about buying or selling one, this 592-page book is a "must have" for your bookshelf. It contains more than 6,000 specifications of handguns, rifles and shotguns, both foreign and domestic.

The 26th edition is new for 2004 and comes in a soft cover. It contains nearly 2,750 illustrations to help you identify firearms. In addition, the reader is given tips on how to judge the value of a firearm.

With Christmas coming, this $23.95 book can be found at some firearms dealers, Wal Mart and Sam's Clubs, your neighborhood bookstore or online at (We really think it's a "must have" gift for Christmas!)

Jerry Springer
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