Hunting Memories

4x6 X-10 Buck

I just had to send you some photos of my hunting partner's 2003 X-10, heavy 4x6 buck. This year it was unbelievably hot during the X-10 season, adding to the problem of working the few great bucks in this rugged part of the eastern high Sierras. Bill Kirkpatrick (in the photo) is one of those truly hardworking guys and gals who will go to whatever lengths to harvest a great buck. He worked this very same buck in the 2002 season and couldn't get in on him as the buck was living in the perfect location to escape every time. It took some great tactics this year to slip in on him and a 335-yard (laser determined) shot to finally harvest this truly great buck. As you will note in the photo, this particular buck has a shredded ear which looks to us like he at one time had an argument with a mountain lion. It will take a good taxidermist to bring this feature out.

Working the effort to harvest this buck was Dr. Chuck Misetich in our trio of X-10 hunters who have been hunting together for the past 17 years.

Submitted by Dan Rife
San Luis Obispo, California

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