Idaho Licenses on Sale Dec. 1st
Hunting and fishing licenses for 2004 go on sale beginning December 1, 2003.

Residents can also be issued receipts which they can exchange for tags when they become available next summer. Nonresident tags are issued at the time of purchase.

Current licenses are valid through the end of the year. Hunters whose seasons stretch into the next year, including seasons for waterfowl and chukar, must have a new license in their possession when they are in the field after December 31.

Steelhead anglers need a new fishing license on January 1 and thereafter, as well as a new steelhead tag. The spring steelhead season begins January 1, 2004.

Fees for licenses and tags are the same for 2004 as they were this year. Big game hunters, however, are required to file a hunter harvest report on the current season. Those who have not filed before they purchase a new license will be charged a $1.50 transaction fee.

Licenses and tags are available at Idaho Fish and Game offices and more than 400 vendors statewide. They may also be purchased, with a small additional service fee from private entities under contract to Fish and Game, by phone at 1-800-554-8685. For online sales, refer to the department's Internet website.
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