Drop Dead Bullet
It was October in the mountains west of Susanville, California. My son Scott and I were out after coyotes — the same coyotes we had to pass on during archery deer season. This time however, we were putting the odds in our favor — armed with my Remington Model 700 Varmint rifle, loaded with Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip 50-grain .22-250 ammunition. (Yes, the picture below shows 55-grain but, take my word for it, we were shooting 50-grain bullets.)

We were glassing a large expanse of sagebrush and rocky, open ground which was between a creek and the timbered hills behind us, I suddenly spotted something. Was it a coyote? I wasn't sure at first because it was well over 700-1000 yards away. It had just topped a small rise near the creek. It only took a little more glassing and I knew for sure it was a coyote working its way toward us. It was moving at a steady clip and I could see the cold morning had now changed the coyote's fur into a heavier coat.

Scott had the Model 700 and I wanted him to take the shot because he had never taken a coyote. Both of us wanted to drop the coyote population in this area so the deer would have a better chance of survival in the upcoming winter and the spring fawns would have fewer predators trying to reduce their numbers.

Scott got ready and I watched as the coyote came to us like he was on a string. When he got within 150 yards he changed directions slightly, moving to our left. He continued to reduce the yardage between us.

As he got parallel to us, he presented a broadside target. Just as his nose started to take him behind sagebrush, Scott touched off a bolt of lightning that slammed the coyote to the ground like he had been hit by a freight train. The only thing moving was a tuff of coyote fur drifting in the wind a foot or so above the sagebrush.

Scott and I looked at each other in disbelief. We were shocked by the effect of the Ballistic Silvertip. We had planned to skin out our coyotes and have their hides tanned, but after inspecting the coyote we realized the massive exit wound canceled that idea. Our primary goal of eliminating some of the coyotes in the area had started with one deadly bang.

If you are serious about a drop dead bullet for coyotes, this is the one for you.

Jerry Springer

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