Winchester Does It Again!
The New 25 WSSM for 2004
Short is good, and Winchester just made it better for the fourth year in a row. That's right, Winchester Ammunition, in cooperation with Browning and Winchester Firearms, has just introduced an exciting new super-short, fat cartridge — the 25 Winchester Super Short Magnum (25 WSSM).

The new 25 WSSM incorporates all of the qualities that have made the other Winchester Short and Super Short Magnum cartridges such big successes.

First, the high efficiency of the "short-fat" design improves the interior ballistics of the cartridge. With more propellant surface area exposed to the primer, ignition is more consistent. In addition, the beltless shellcase allows headspacing off the shoulder to provide better centering of the bullet in the chamber. Finally, the new super-short action of the rifle maximizes accuracy potential.

With an overall cartridge length of 2.36", the Winchester WSSM Model 70 rifle is actually 1/2" shorter than the standard short-action system.

Extremely potent, the 25 WSSM produces ballistics equal to the 25-06 cartridges, with 14% less powder and less perceived recoil. It outclasses standouts like the 257 Roberts, 243 and the 7mm-08.

The 25 WSSM is designed with varmints and medium-sized, thin-skinned game in mind. For the shooter or hunter looking for a versatile cartridge, the 25 WSSM will be perfect.

The new load will be available in both the Winchester Supreme and Super-X lines of rifle ammunition. Unprimed shellcases will also be offered by Winchester. In the Supreme line, 85-grain and a 115-grain Ballistic Silvertip bullets will be offered. The 85-grain load will have a muzzle velocity of 3,470 feet per second, and the velocity of the 115-grain cartridge is expected to be 3,060 feet per second.

A popular load in 25-06 is the Winchester Super-X 120-grain cartridge with Positive Expanding Point (PEP) bullet technology. It will be offered in the 25 WSSM and will have a muzzle velocity of 2,990 feet per second.

Winchester Firearms will offer the 25 WSSM in Super Shadow, Ultimate Shadow, Featherweight, Coyote and Stealth models of their Model 70 line.

Browning will add the 25 WSSM to its A-Bolt line in Hunter, Classic Hunter, Stainless, Varmint, and Medallion models.
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