Nevada Increases Tag Quotas
Big game hunters will be issued more hunting tags this year than last, thanks to increases that were approved by the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners during their meeting in Reno on May 15.

Leading the way is the resident buck deer hunt for rifle hunters who will see their quota increase by more than 300 tags this year to 8,498. Resident junior hunters have been given an increase in their tag allocation to 3,000, up from 2,750 last year.

Some of the best news for hunters is that pronghorn antelope continue to fare well in the state following the devastating winter of 1992-93 when their populations plummeted. This year, resident rifle hunters will be issued 1,374 tags, a seven percent increase from 2003.

"The goals in the antelope (management) plan are to increase numbers of antelope and to increase their populations in new areas," said Tommy Ford, Wildlife Commission chairman. "It appears we are making good headway in that area."

Bull elk tags for resident rifle hunters saw a significant increase as well this year with the allocation being set at a record 603 tags. This is an increase of more than 150 tags from last year.

There was also an increase in the muzzleloader tags for resident bull elk hunters. Archery bull elk tags for residents dropped slightly from 73 last year to 66 in 2004.

Desert bighorn sheep in the southern end of the state appear to be doing better this year after suffering through several years of drought conditions. The tag allocation for desert bighorn sheep for resident rifle hunters has been set at 120, an increase of five tags from 2003.

Tags for the California bighorn sheep hunt for residents has been set at 30, which is three fewer than last year. The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep quota is six and the mountain goat allocation for residents is 22, both nearly the same as last year.

While commissioners approved an increase in buck deer tags for resident rifle hunters, the allocation is more than 600 fewer than recommended by NDOW biologists. The tag allocation for the bull elk hunt for residents who hunt with rifles was 30 less than proposed by biologists.

Hunters who applied for big game tags will be notified by mail of the results of the tag drawing by June 18.
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