Hunting Memories

X7a Tradition Buck

Here is a picture of my nephew Joey Brightenstine (age 15) with his first buck ever! We were lucky enough to draw as a party last year for California's X7a Zone after putting in for it for years with no luck. After a lot of scouting and hunting, Joey finally bagged his first buck! He had missed a few earlier in the season but finally connected with this nice 3x3 muley. It is his first in what I'm sure will be a long line of bucks to come — continuing on the family tradition!

It was really special that not only his father, Gary, but his grandfather Robert as well, the senior buck hunter and "teacher" of our family, were able to be right with him when Joey took his first buck. I don't know who was more proud, Grandpa or Joey!

Submitted by John Brightenstine
Sacramento, California
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