New Winchester 325 WSM
When Winchester® introduced the 300 Winchester Short Magnum cartridge in 2000, shooters and hunters quickly began debating which calibers would be added to the line. Some speculated smaller calibers would be added while others thought increasing the size of the caliber was the way to go.

In 2001, Winchester announced the addition of the 270 and 7 mm calibers to the WSM line; two choices that have both been very popular with hunters and shooters.

In 2002, most shooters and hunters expected Winchester to add a larger caliber to the WSM line and the popular guess was 338. However, Winchester along with Browning and Winchester Firearms surprised the shooting public with the introduction of two Winchester Super Short Magnums, the 223 and 243. Here was a totally new concept in commercially available ammunition. The "short-fat" cartridges were designed to work with new Super Short action rifles from Browning and Winchester Firearms. Then in 2003, a 25 caliber load was added to the WSSM line.

Shooters and hunters who like bigger bore rifles for large game hunting are expecting Winchester and Browning and Winchester Firearms to finally make the move to bigger bullets in the WSM line for 2005. They are right, but they may be surprised.

Winchester recognized the need for a cartridge capable of launching 200 plus grain bullets with high inherent accuracy, energy capable of stopping the largest North American game, and lower perceived recoil. Winchester engineers considered several different calibers during development and determined that the 325 caliber was the best performer in the WSM platform. This new cartridge delivers similar energies as a 338 Win-Mag in a much smaller, lightweight package.

The platform of the "Short-Fat" cartridge design has for years consistently produced very accurate cartridges. Since their introduction, the Winchester Short Magnum and the Winchester Super Short Magnum calibers have all produced exceptional accuracy. In addition to delivering excellent ballistics, the 325 WSM also exhibits exceptional accuracy, a real plus in this large caliber cartridge.

Initially, three loads will be available in the 325 WSM. Winchester Ammunition and Nosler, Inc. developed a 200-grain Accubond® CT® in the Supreme® line and in the Super-X® line, Winchester Ammunition developed a 220-grain Power-Point® bullet. Both of these loads utilize bullets specifically designed for use in the 325 WSM. Additionally, a 180-grain Ballistic Silvertip® in the Supreme® line will be available. Additional loads are expected in the future.

The 325 WSM is the ideal package for the hunter of elk, bear, moose or other large and dangerous game, where a lightweight, short magnum rifle is desired.

The Winchester 325 WSM will be available in early 2005.

325 WSM Preliminary Downrange Ballistics
(Note: These numbers are informational only and have not been finalized.)
Velocity (fps)
Muzzle 100 yards 200 yards 300 yards 400 yards 500 yards
180 BST 3060 2817 2586 2367 2158 1961
200 AB-CT 2950 2736 2532 2338 2151 1974
220 PP 2840 2657 2481 2313 2150 1994
Energy (lb-ft)
180 BST 3742 3170 2673 2239 1862 1536
200 AB-CT 3864 3324 2848 2426 2055 1730
220 PP 3939 3448 3007 2612 2258 1943
180 BST -0.9 1.7 0.0 -7.0 -20.1 -40.8
200 AB-CT -0.9 1.9 0.0 -7.3` -21.0 -42.2
220 PP -0.9 2.0 0.0 -7.7 -21.8 -43.6

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