First Issue Free!
"California Bucks"
Just released is the first issue of California Bucks, a newsletter-style publication. It is 16 pages and its publisher, Jim Matthews, states its purpose is to fill the huge void in good California deer hunting material. This black-and-white publication expects to be color in the future.

California Bucks will be published four times a year.

As a special offer for readers, Matthews tells us they can get the first issue free, as a sample, and they'll get the next four issues for $20 if they want to subscribe. Just e-mail him ( a mailing address, and he'll send out a copy.

For more information, telephone (909) 887-3444 or e-mail

Mail subscription orders to California Bucks, P.O. Box 9007, San Bernardino, CA 92427-0007.
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