Whopper Nevada Buck!
A buck mule deer in velvet that was harvested by an archer south of Ely in August is the largest deer ever taken during an archery hunt in North America. It also holds the record for being the largest archery deer harvested in Nevada. Both records are verified by the Pope & Young Club, which is recognized as the official repository for records on bow-harvested North American big game.

Greg Krogh of Arizona took the trophy buck in White Pine County in big game management unit 221 on August 8. The deer was in velvet, meaning the antlers were covered with a velvet-type material that had not yet been rubbed off by the animal.

Krogh and friend Randy Ulmer were elk hunting in the area in August 2003 when Randy first spotted the exceptionally large deer. Krogh decided then to apply for the tag draw in unit 221 for the 2004 season.

After receiving news of his successful draw, Krogh set aside the month of August to hunt for the buck. He enlisted the help of one of his good friends Doug Bodhaine from Kentucky who flew in the day before the season.

"After unsuccessfully looking for the buck over a total of 26 days between August 2003 and August 2004, I finally located him the day before hunting season opened," Krogh recalls. "We followed him the next day, but he was among 11 other bucks, and I never had an opportunity for a good stalk," he says. "The second day of the season he left the herd with two others. I stalked him when he bedded in some boulders, and got above him. He stood up and began to walk out, and that’s when I got him."

Krogh is owner of Mogollon Rim Outfitters in Arizona. He guides all kinds of hunts, but his personal preference is archery. "I like the longer seasons, there are fewer people in the field, and I guess it’s more challenging," he explains.

Like many sportsmen, hunting is part of Krogh’s family heritage. His father was also a licensed guide. Krogh began bowhunting at the age of 10.

The buck has been officially scored at 202 2/8 by the Pope & Young Club. The gross score (before deductions for asymmetry and a requisite 60-day drying period) was 207 7/8.
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