One Powerful Handgun!
Here are some very powerful statements…

The Most Powerful .45 Caliber Revolver in the World

The Highest Velocity Revolver in the World

If You Zero its Sights at 200 Yards,
You Will Bag Your Buck with a Center Hold.
0-250 Yards with No Hold Over!
Just Center It and Fire.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the new
Smith & Wesson 460XVR

At the January 2005 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Smith & Wesson unveiled a number of new products for shooters, but none more powerful than the revolver shown above.

The day before the SHOT Show opened I was fortunate to be among a group of outdoor writers who had the privilege to put both hands around the handgrips of this pistol and experience the power of the 460XVR.

I knew in advance I was in for a treat when I first stepped into the indoor shooting range. I heard the sound and saw the lightning-like flash coming out of the shooting-lane stand at the far end of the range each time a round from the 460XVR was ignited.

Each of the five shots I took at the target let me feel a bit of the blow back on my face coming from the one-inch compensator mounted on the end of the barrel. While I believe the recoil from this 460XVR may be less than that of the Smith & Wesson 500 that I shot earlier in the day, the indoor surroundings added to the awe of shooting the most powerful .45 caliber revolver in the world.

The 460XVR has an 8 3/8-inch barrel, including the one-inch compensator. The compensator is removable and interchangeable. Total weight of the revolver is 73 ounces.

The 460XVR has a 5-shot capacity like the S&W 500 and pushes a 200-grain bullet at 2,330 feet per second. Its accuracy comes from the gain-twist rifled barrel. In addition, it will fire lighter loads, including the .45 Colt and .454 Casull.

Suggested retail cost is $1,253.

Now, there is still the question of a field test… Mr. California Wild Boar meet Mr. S&W 460XVR.

Jerry Springer

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