Gloves for Bowhunters
The sunrays are beginning to streak through the oak leaves and branches on the trees across the ravine to the east. You look down at your hands and notice that those same rays have reached the back of the hand holding your bow and you wonder whether the glow from your hand will be what the buck notices when you start to raise your bow? Don't let all that practice and effort be ruined by not having your hands covered in camo. Make sure, though, that the coverage is gloves which allow you to handle your weapon the same as if you were barehanded.

The new RedHead® Bowhunters Glove not only provides the camo you need to conceal your hands, but its primary function was designed to give you dexterity so you can pick up a dime. These are form-fitting gloves made of 100% micro-polyester that are soft, quiet and water resistant.

Western bowhunters often find themselves hunting in very warm conditions. Recently, I was hunting in California and the afternoon temperature reached an uncomfortable 95 degrees. During my morning hunt it was warm so I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and pants in the new Advantage Max-1 Open Terrain pattern along with a pair of Bowhunters Gloves. These are thin, lightweight gloves — not those bulky, insulated ones we've all experienced.

These gloves retail for $9.95 and are available in Realtree Hardwoods Green or Mossy Oak New Break-Up patterns. For more information about these gloves, visit
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