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A large, mature 5x5 whitetail buck taken within sight of the Chilco Cabin.'s Northwest Field Editor has notified us of a hunting opportunity he would like to provide to our readers. Currently he has two private land hunting camps for rent.

Leave the RV at home! Rent a North Idaho hunting cabin and save your fuel budget for the actual hunt!


The remote Blackrock Ridge cabin is east of the town of Coeur d’Alene and sits on a beautiful secluded, grassy ridge-top meadow surrounded by big timber at the end of the road in the Couer d’ Alene Mountains near the St. Joe River / Coeur d’Alene River divide. This genuine, rustic, old-fashioned log cabin is on 20 acres of private ground surrounded by State of Idaho Forest Lands, the Coeur d’Alene National Forest, and timber company lands, all open to public hunting and fishing. There are no other cabins or campgrounds near this place!

The area is a variety of mountain hunting country ranging from tall pine and fir timber, as well as selectively cut, logged areas, and open clear-cuts, growing back with the best in big game forage. Great for morning and evening feeding period glassing.

Access to the property is by Forest Service road, but best bring your 4-wheel-drive. And bring your ATVs, as there are miles of connecting logging roads and trails to access all parts of the area. There are also great, gated "walk-in" areas, both public and private land where hunting on foot, horseback or bicycle can be enjoyed if you are seeking hunting areas with more solitude. And, NO access or trespass fees required!

Great grazing is available at the cabin if you choose to bring your horses.

White-tailed deer and elk bed and travel in sight of the cabin on a regular basis.

This property is in Unit 4 which has a 31-day General Archery elk and deer season during September and a Late Archery elk and deer hunt in December with the always desirable "tracking" snow. Over-the-counter tags are available for both hunts.

The General "rifle" elk season is 23 days. You can simply buy a tag and go hunting. It opens on 0ctober 10th and includes either sex for a portion of the season. The bulls are usually still bugling during the first part of the season.

The general "rifle" mule deer and white-tailed deer season is now a 51-day season that begins the same day as elk season and runs concurrent with the elk season and more. A hunter can now take a white-tailed deer from the opening day of October 10th until December 1st, an incredible opportunity in the western states today.

With eight consecutive mild winters, the herds are increasing! The 2004 Panhandle Zone Elk Harvest Statistics reflect the highest hunter success rates in many years. The 2005 Idaho Big Game Season Rule Book lists all of these units as "High Density" for white-tailed deer.

General black bear season with over-the-counter tags is also open during most of the deer and elk season and so is wild turkey and grouse. Wild turkey tags are over-the-counter too, and this year the fall bag limit is two turkeys!

Please consult the Idaho 2005 Big Game Season Rule Book for more detailed information. This will help ensure that you purchase the correct tag for the season you want to hunt.

Let's get back to the cabin. There is excellent trout, bass and northern pike fishing just a short drive down the hill. The cabin is furnished and has a wood stove, firewood is provided.

2005 RATES for Blackrock Ridge Cabin

September Archery Elk and Deer Seasons

$625.00 for five days, prior to September 12th or after September 27th.
$725.00 for six days during the "Peak" of the elk rut. Combine two consecutive periods and save $100.00.

Save money and split your costs by bringing a couple hunting buddies along. No extra charge for additional hunters. This is big country with plenty of room to roam!

December Archery Elk and Deer Seasons

$490.00 for five days.
There are only three hunt periods available in this last season of the year.

General "Rifle" Elk and Deer Seasons

October 10th to November 3rd — $900.00 for six days.
Combine two consecutive periods and save $100.00. Or take the cabin for the entirety of any of the seasons for additional savings!

Save money and split your cost by bringing a couple hunting buddies along. No extra charge for additional hunters.


Our other remaining available rental is the Chilco Creek house, 30 minutes north of Couer d’Alene in Big Game Unit 3, and is situated on a ranch amidst tall pines, quaking aspens and a beautiful green meadow. This modern five-year-old, three bedroom, two bath home, partially furnished with all appliances (and a wood stove) is at the very end of a private road. Walk-in or horseback hunting access onto private gated lands is through a locked gate a two-minute walk from the front door. This gated road leads to additional gated private lands, and trails open for hunting that adjoins Couer d’ Alene National and Idaho State Forest lands. And, we allow no other public access or hunters through our ranch while you are here.

If riding your ATV or a more leisurely "road hunt" is on your hunting agenda this season, then a 10-minute drive from the ranch on county roads takes you into the Coeur d’Alene National Forest where you can make good use of your 4WD or ATV on the extensive network of USFS, logging roads, trails and the like. You can ride and hunt all the way to Montana (over 50 air miles) through the National Forest if you like, and not encounter another ranch or residence.

If horses are your preferred way of getting around the huntin' country, there are approximately three acres of fenced pasture at the rental to accommodate your four-legged hunting partner and miles of horse trails to take you to the game.

The country and the hunting are nearly identical to the Blackrock area description, but with a little less elevation and more "rolling" hills.

The game available, season structure, and over-the-counter nonresident tags for all game mentioned above is identical to the Unit 4 information previously listed. Elk, deer, bear and turkey frequent the meadow behind this house at all times of the year. The forest near the rental holds more white-tailed deer than the Blackrock area and due to the gated roads, enjoys limited hunting pressure.

2005 RATES for Chilco Creek House

September Archery Elk and Deer Seasons

$925.00 for five days prior to September 12th or after September 27th.
$1195.00 for six days during the "peak" of the rut.

December Archery Elk and Deer Seasons
$695.00 for 5 days

General "Rifle" Elk and Deer Seasons

October 10th to November 3rd — $1295.00 for 6 days.

November 5th to November 10th, Deer-only General "Rifle" Season — $995.00 for 6 days.

All of the above Chilco rental fees include all Trespass Fees for all members of your party for the duration of your stay with us.

Combine consecutive periods and save $200.00 or rent the cabin for the entirety of any of the above seasons for additional savings.

Split your costs with your hunting buddies. No charge for additional (up to 4) hunters.

A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation for the time period selected.

This year skip the high-priced motel and restaurants in town. Avoid all that "Crack of Dawn" driving to reach the huntin' country. Stay right up there and bed down with the critters!

If your time to hunt this fall is limited, remember that Spokane, WA International Airport is only a 45-minute drive from Coeur D' Alene!

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