Idaho Super Hunt Winners
You can add eight more names to the list of hunters who will be very busy this fall. They are the lucky winners of the second Super Hunt Drawing.

The drawing took place on Monday, August 15, 2005 at Fish and Game Headquarters in Boise. The winners of the Super Hunt tags will be allowed to participate in any open hunt in Idaho for the species they drew, including controlled hunts. The winner of the Super Hunt Combo tag will be able to hunt for deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, and moose in any open hunt in the state.

Money raised from the sale of Super Hunt raffle applications will help fund Access Yes!, a program that compensates landowners for allowing hunters and anglers access to, or across, their property.

Here is the list of winners:


1. Brian Farley - Hayden, Idaho
2. George Ziolkowski - Metuchen, New Jersey


1. Gregory Kent - Eagle, Idaho
2. Scott Hoffman - Buhl, Idaho


1. Richard L. Randall - Craigmont, Idaho
2. Carl J. Clark - Montpelier, Idaho


David M. Atwood - Hayden Lake, Idaho

Super Hunt Combo

Matt Stuzer - Provo, Utah
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