Schwarzenegger Vetoes
Anti Bill
On October 7th, with the following announcement, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed Assembly Bill 996 which hunters and gun owners had urged him to do.

To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 996 without my signature.

This bill is unnecessary because there has been no documentation of a problem with the theft of ammunition from retail establishments. In addition, I have just signed SB 48 by Senator Scott into law which will ensure those underage will no longer be purchasing ammunition.

Requiring retail ammunition sellers to store any handgun ammunition offered for sale in a manner inaccessible to the purchaser would impose more regulation in California without a corresponding benefit to public safety. It is not clear how requiring store employees to obtain and hand customers ammunition instead of letting customers choose their own ammunition will curb crimes committed with firearms.

For these reasons I am unable to sign this bill.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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