Hunting Memories

Last Ridge Blacktail

Here is a picture of a healthy three-point buck I took Sunday, September 18, 2005. I was hunting public land in California's B Zone.

I hunted hard on the opening Saturday and was out again Sunday morning. I was discouraged about not seeing any bucks and on my way back to my truck when I saw the proverbial "one last ridge" to hunt. I talked myself into hunting it on my now long way back to the truck, and as the extra effort often does, it paid off!

After sitting on a rock for about a half-hour, I was just about to pack up when this buck caught my eye coming around the rim of the gulch. He had no idea that I was there and was heading toward me, so I just got ready and waited for a good shot. He came closer and closer, and I finally got my shot window.

I took him with my Remington 700 BDL DM in .25-06 mounted with a Burris scope. My bullet was 120-grain.

My buck is no monster but a respectable 3x3 coastal Colombian blacktail deer, nonetheless. He weighed 120 pounds field dressed.

Now I'll try my luck with a D Zone tag in the Sierras.

Submitted John Brightenstine
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