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January 2005

(January 25, 2005)

WILL IDAHO BE next to go to a point system for big game tags?

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has directed the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to further investigate a point system for controlled hunts in Idaho.

Dr. Wayne Wright, Commissioner from the Magic Valley Region made the motion at the commission meeting on Friday, January 21.

“It’s a very popular concept right now,” Wright said. “I think we’re faced with the reality that there’s a real demand out there.”

Such a system would award points to those who apply for controlled hunts, but whose names are not drawn. In theory, a hunter’s odds would increase each time he/she was unsuccessful at drawing.

(January 24, 2005

FREE DVD! When I was at the International Sportsmen's Exposition this past week I had a chance to spend a little time with Lennis Janzen, owner of Crooked Horn Outfitters. Janzen's company supplies hunters with some excellent hunting gear from backpacks to ammo pouches and more. Janzen shared with me that they had just recently produced a DVD which was a collection of videos which had been shot for television shows such as Majestic Outdoors and Eastman's Hunting Journal. Included in the DVD were segments showing how to use their products. The great news is this DVD is free! The DVD is titled "Game and Gear Out West Adventures." It features 12 hunts, three of them are archery, nine rifle. The hunting adventures feature Lennis and his wife Danell hunting antelope, elk, mule deer, bear, and whitetail.

Again, the DVD is free but it will cost you $4.95 for shipping and handling. The DVD is so new that at this time you can't order it from their website www.crookedhorn.com, you must order by calling toll free to (877) 722-5872.

(January 22, 2005

GET OUT THERE! — It you aren't out duck hunting, quail hunting, or hog hunting at this time of year here is your chance to get out and still be surrounded by the hunting environment. Going on since Thursday and through tomorrow is the International Sportsmen's Exposition in Sacramento, California at Cal Expo. I have already made my visit and talked with guides and those offering products for hunters. Those of you with young children will find the Youth Fair in one of the buildings with booths just for those young sportsmen and women. Plus there are all kinds of free drawings for them.

At the California Deer Association booth you have a chance to see the number 1, 2 and 3 mule deer taken in the state of California.

Jim Matthews (left) talks to a hunter about Matthews' new publication California Bucks.

Starting on Wednesday, January 26th through the 29th is the SCI Annual Hunters' Convention in Reno Show. This is a big show with 1,300 exhibitors. To be eligible for this members-only event, call 888-SCI-HUNT.

(January 14, 2005

WILDLIFE IN CACHE and Rich counties of Utah will begin getting emergency feed tomorrow because of the heavy snowfall. With the deer herds in these areas improving and the biologists seeing more bucks per 100 does than they have seen in a long time they don't want to see all their hard work take a set back. The snow storms have been abnormal, if not record breaking. The deer should be OK if the weather returns to a milder pattern, if not, it could put much stress on the herd.

NOW AVAILABLE, THE big game drawing odds for Utah. Hunters applying for a 2005 Utah big game permit can learn the odds of drawing one in 2004 by visiting a Division of Wildlife Resources office or the DWR's Web site.

The DWR's 2004 Bucks, Bulls and Once-In-A-Lifetime Bonus Point Results and Drawing Success publication is available for viewing at DWR offices in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Springville, Vernal, Price and Cedar City. Hunters also may purchase copies for $15, plus sales tax, at each location.

Those with access to the Internet may view and download the publication for free by visiting the DWR's Web site at wildlife.utah.gov. The publication can be found by clicking on the Hunting section of the home page and then clicking on Big Game. After arriving at the Big Game section, scroll down to Big Game Statistics.

(January 13, 2005

LOTS OF HUNTING news. It's sport show time and this weekend the first ISE (International Sportsmens Expo) will be held in Pomona, California. Jim Matthews, publisher of California Bucks, announced that new for the show will be a Deer Panel Discussion. Sonke Mastrup, Deputy Director of the Department of Fish and Game, will head up the panel. Mastrup was the deer program coordinator when scoping sessions were taking place to determine if a point system should be started for the big game drawing. This panel will take place on Saturday, January 15th. The following week the ISE Show will be in Sacramento, California.

The last week of January will be the big Safari Club International (SCI) show in Reno, Nevada and just about at the same time the SHOT Show will be held in Las Vegas. I'll be at the SHOT Show, so look for information to follow about all the new shooting and hunting products coming out for this year.

TAGS TO BE auctioned. This coming Friday-Sunday is the MDF Convention in Reno and they will auction both a California Golden Opportunity Deer Tag and a California Pronghorn Antelope Tag. On Saturday, January 15, the Redding Chapter of the California Deer Association will auction a California Open Zone Deer Tag.

THE LATEST ANTI group in California registered a lobbyist in November of 2004. The California Animal Assocation according to radio station KFBK is made up of 20 animal rights organizations including PETA, Farm Sanctuary, United Animal Nations in addition to the Animal Protection Institute.

THE ANNUAL YOUTH waterfowl hunts are scheduled for February 5-6. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) are offering special youth waterfowl hunting opportunity for youths age 15 and younger. Applications to hunt on the state's wildlife areas and refuges must be received by January 19.

UTAH BIG GAME hunts. Applications for 2005 Utah big game hunting permits must be received no later than January 31 to be included in this year's draw for permits.

WYOMING NONRESIDENT ELK tag application deadline is 5 p.m. on January 31st. Don't wait until the last minute.

(January 9, 2005

FISH THAT KILL dogs! A lot of hunters have dogs. Here is some interesting and helpful information we received from the Idaho Fish and Game.

Question and Answer:
You recently had an Ask Fish and Game piece that mentioned dead kokanee and dogs. I have heard that salmon carry something that can kill dogs; is that true?

You heard something dog owners should know. Salmon, including kokanee and maybe rainbow trout, can carry a parasite that is potentially fatal to our four-legged friends. Best advice is to not allow your dog or cat to eat raw salmon, salmon guts or waste from the processing of salmonid fish.

(January 2, 2005

WHAT DO YOU think it would cost you to stay in the bidding for one of California's big game auction tags? I don't know what it will be this year, but here is what it took to be the high bidders in 2004. The organizations listed are the ones who sold the tags at their dinner events for the DFG.

Foundation for North American Wild Sheep (National)
1 bighorn sheep $ 59,000
1 golden opportunity deer $ 17,500

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - Northern California Chapter
1 open zone deer $ 7,500

Safari Club International - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
1 open zone deer $ 3,200

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (National)
1 Grizzly Island elk $ 25,000

Foundation for North American Wild Sheep - California Chapter
1 open zone deer $ 5,500

California Deer Association - Chico Chapter
1 golden opportunity deer $ 20,000
1 pronghorn antelope $ 7,000

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - Central San Joaquin Chapter
1 open zone deer $ 5,000

California Deer Association - San Jose Chapter
1 golden opportunity deer $ 16,000

The Mule Deer Foundation - Central Coast Chapter
1 Grizzly Island elk $ 27,500
1 golden opportunity deer $ 17,000

Safari Club International - Granite Bay Chapter
1 open zone deer $ 7,000
1 pronghorn antelope $ 3,000

California Deer Association - Salinas Valley Chapter
1 Owens Valley elk $ 10,000
1 golden opportunity deer $ 16,000

2004 TOTALS to California DFG for Wildlife
All tags = $246,200
deer = $114,700;
elk = $62,500;
pronghorn = $10,000;
bighorn sheep = $59,000)

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