Friends & Acquaintances
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Seated left - Tim Vaitekunas, Winchester Ammunition
Seated right - Scott Rupp, Editor, Petersen's Hunting
Standing first row left to right - Diana Rupp, Editor, Wing & Shot, Jerry Springer, Editor,, Jim Matthews, Editor, California Hog Hunter, Jim Niemiec, Fishing and Hunting News, Payton Miller, Guns & Ammo
Standing second row left to right - Aaron Decker, Guns & Ammo, Dick Metcalf, Freelance Writer, Kevin Howard, Howard Communications Editor, Jerry Springer (left) with California State Senator Rico Oller. Senator Oller took me on my first bear hunt.
Bob Simms (left) of KFBK radio Outdoors Adventure Show and Terry Knight, outdoor writer with Western Outdoor News.
Hog hunt at Tejon Ranch. Jerry Springer (left) and outdoor writer and editor of California Hog Hunter, Jim Mathews.
California Assemblyman Tim Leslie (right) and Jerry Springer. James Swan, author of "In Defense of Hunting" Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg (right) and Jerry Springer.
California Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian (right) and Jerry Springer. California Congressman John Doolittle (left) and Jerry Springer.
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