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July 2004

(July 25, 2004

THE WEST NILE virus has everyone talking. People are worried. But it should be more than just people. Birds numbers may be dropping also if the virus takes hold. Here is information from Walter Boyce, director of the University of California, Davis, Wildlife Health Center about what may happen to birds.

West Nile Virus and Birds

(July 23, 2004

THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT of Fish and Game is continuing to open up more land to the public for hunting opportunities. A rather new area of land with just over 14,000 acres will have hunting this year starting in September for dove, rabbits, pigs and quail. There are restrictions on the method and dates for hunting this property, along with the fact you need to be in a drawing for the dates that allow you to have vehicle access. Ankle Express (hiking) is another style of access. The deadline for the first drawing is in August. For more information click the link below to get the details.

Hunting the Chimineas Unit

(July 19, 2004

THE ARIZONA BIG Game Drawing just got more interesting. Looks like a judge has thrown out the 10% nonresident limit for the big game drawing. Arizona either had to do the drawing all over again or give out more tags. With too little time to redraw and get the information to hunters in time, the decision was made to give out more than 800 additional tags to nonresidents.

Fish and Game officials claim it will not have a negative affect on the deer and elk units that have more hunters going after the game this fall.

If you would like to read the whole story, go to the link below.
Arizona 10% Rule Gets Tossed

(July 14, 2004

ARE YOU A California junior hunter? If so, go to the link below to find out how you can enter the drawing for a really special junior deer hunt this fall.

Sharing the Tradition Junior Deer Hunt

(July 10, 2004

hunt is going to be sponsored by the California Deer Association and the Tejon Ranch. In addition, Winchester Ammunition and Tasco, a wholly owned division of Bushnell(R) Performance Optics, will be providing equipment to the juniors. Ten junior hunters will be drawn at random to participate in an outstanding deer hunt this season. Details and how to enter the drawing will be available at WesternHunter.com this upcoming week.

(July 4, 2004

PREFERENCE POINTS MADE getting a tag for the A21 special archery hunt a slam dunk for those not drawn before. For California hunters, this was the third year that Preference Points were awarded to those not drawing their first-choice tag. That meant that the maximum number of points anyone would have was two. Here are the stats for the 2004, A21 Anderson Flat Archery Hunt. What makes this a special hunt is that it is a November hunt, located outside of Yosemite National Park.

A21 Anderson Flat Archery Hunt
Total Tag Quota
Preference Drawing
Tag Quota
Total 1st Choice Applicants
1st Choice Max Point Applicants
Lowest Point Value Awarded Tag
Random Drawing
Tag Quota
Tags Awarded to 1st Choice Apps

For this drawing all 1st choice applicants with two points got tags and the remaining five tags went to those with less than the maximum number of preference points.

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